Durarara!! Episode 1


I first saw Durarara!! when I was searching up the Anime of 2010, and I must say, it’s one of the ones that has a story I find interesting.  No, I have not read the Manga or the Light Novels (so warn before spoilers!), so the first episode is all I have to go by.  Please, I beg of you not to spoil Durarara!! for me, because then I’d stop watching it.

Opening: Uragiri no Yuuyake by Theatre Brook

"aaaarhraghhahrahg"The opening sequence introduced every character in its own unique way, I really enjoyed that.  During some scenes in the opening, you get a feel of some of their personalities, such as Mikado’s best friend, Masaomi.  I giggled at a few scenes too (I just think it’s funny when someone opens a can and it bursts all over their face).

The scene for Durarara is set in Ikebukuro, with the first character introduced, Mikado Ryugamine who introduces himself, at the start.  He moved to the area to be in the same school as his best friend, Masaomi.  Enter, Masaomi Kida.  Masaomi shows Mikado around a little through the area Ikebukuro.  Mikado seems worried that it’s already dark.  Don’t you just love chicken characters?

It cuts to an online chat scene.  I have to be honest and I don’t understand these parts throughout the episode, but they’re very informative at parts.  They’re talking about Ikebukuro… boring :(

I love Mikado’s awe at the amount of people around at Ikebukuro.  He’s such a sheltered child, I love it.  Enter Color Gang information.  Of course, this is the first Durarara related thing I’ve seen, so I’m not sure what/who the Color Gang are.  Masaomi explains how a few of them were arrested, you don’t see them often anymore and the cops are looking out for groups in the same coloured clothes.

SUPMikado walks into a cardboard girl and apologizes, only for two people to appear from behind her.  Erika, Walker and over by the van is Kadoka-san and Togusa-san.  I really like these four.  Like real people, they like Manga.  And buy a lot of copies for various purposes. Win.

Seems like some men are kidnapping girls for money.  Wait… is that… Kentaro Ito as the fat guy?  I just can’t imagine Renji fat :(  Ah well, all I gotta say is poor girl, and I’m skipping all the parts about these men until later.  Online Chat screen again.  Discussing the “people meeting to commit suicide together”.  Creepy stuff.  Although I think it’s related to the kidnapping.

Ah!  Yes!  Simon!  I prefer to call him Samia, but for the sake of everyone in Durarara, I’ll call him Simon.  He’s the ‘giant black man dressed as a chef’.  Russian of African American descent.  He knows Maosami too.  Shizuo Heiwajima.  The only thing you see about him is a flying vending machine.  He seems like that type of crazy guy I love.  Why do I love everyone in this show?

It cuts from the chat screen to the “Motorcyclist” scene a lot now.  I’m going to ignore the chat screen parts, because I’d spoil too much.

Aw, isn’t it pretty?  The Motorcyclist with no head kicks major ass here, and is immune to being shocked, follows Kentaro Ito (sorry Kentaro, but when you play a fat nameless guy, I AM going to call him by your name) and kicks more ass… wait?  No head?  Okay now that’s awesome.

Izaya Orihara… wait just how many characters are there!?  Dangerous, avoid.  Dollars, dangerous, avoid.  I think I’m ready to live in Ikebukuro now.

BUMP.  Careful girls.  Masaomi seems more interested in the pretty girl than his own best friend.  Womanizer.  But she runs away screaming.  I have a feeling she’s a main character too, or we wouldn’t have seen what we saw (or her in the opening/ending).  Masaomi and Mikado end up seeing the “urban legend”.  Another chat scene.  Seems like they’re online friends who now live in the same area.  Not too sure.

Ending: Trust Me by Yuya Matsushita

The ending is simple.  The song is pretty good, I love it.


~ by hajikee on January 14, 2010.

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